Update — 04.06.2016

Full-site development on hold cause of work, but will be picking up again when I'm in Tokyo for vacation.


I’m a 2015 graduate from York/Sheridan Program in Design, a 4year program where I primarily studied graphic design, and found my love for the web.

In 2013, I took a gap year to explore my potential as a product designer. I've had the privilege to intern at reputable companies like Lovely, Facebook, and Palantir. At some point in time, I was able to be a part of Y Combinator (W14) with 42.

I’ve always been curious about the various forms of human interaction, whether it be digital or analog. I have a knack for tinkering with the infinitesimal details, believing they make the big difference.

I'm working in Palo Alto for Palantir as a Product Designer. If you want to, follow me elsewhere to keep up with my adventures.